Eliminating Junk Mail by Elizabeth Ellman

Junk mail is more than an annoyance. It is a detriment to our planet due to the resources used to produce it and the amount that ends up, mostly unopened, in our landfills. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail delivered to your home.

OptOut Prescreen is a simple way to eliminate unsolicited credit card and insurance offers. You have the choice of opting out for five years (with a simple online form) or opting out forever (by mailing a paper form).

Catalog Choice lets you stop specific catalogs from getting sent to your home.

DMAChoice covers a large variety of junk mail irritations, and it should, seeing that it is run by leaders in the direct marketing community. The site will help eliminate unwanted magazine, catalog, and other consumer offers for ten years. It costs $2.00 to register, but I found it was a small price to pay to declutter my mailbox and help reduce unnecessary waste.

You can also opt-out of receiving both ValPak and RedPlum coupons by completing their online forms, which are easy to use and take just a couple minutes to complete.

With two dollars and about ten minutes, you too can be junk-mail free… or at least junk-mail less. Good luck!