Plastic Bags: Recyclable or Not? by Elizabeth Ellman

If you think plastic bags can be recycled, you are correct! But if you think they can be recycled in your household recycling bin, you are sadly mistaken. Plastic bags—including zipping lunch baggies, thin produce bags, and standard grocery totes—can be dropped at stores in or near Bexley to be recycled. However, any bags placed in your household recycling bin will end up in the landfill. See the list below or take a look at this map to find out where to start recycling your plastic bags.

  1. Kroger at 2000 East Main Street

  2. Swan Cleaners at 2774 East Main Street

  3. Wal-Mart Supercenter at 3657 E Main Street

  4. Lowes at 3616 E Broad Street

  5. Kroger at 3675 East Broad Street

  6. Target at 3955 E Broad Street

  7. Giant Eagle at 2900 Stelzer Road

You can learn more about plastic bag recycling with this Fact Sheet created by SWACO, and you can always upgrade to reusable bags like these.