SWACO Recycling Quiz Fail / by Elizabeth Ellman

True Confession of an Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee member: I failed the SWACO recycling quiz. I knew four answers, out of eight. Thank goodness my tears can’t stain this electronic page.

A few things I learned are below:

  • On average, every resident of Franklin County throws away 4-5 pounds of material each day, which equals over 1,500 pounds a year—for just one person

  • 70% of all material sent to our local landfill could have been composted or recycled

  • Empty aerosol containers of non-hazardous material CAN be recycled

  • Plastic bottle caps must be reattached to plastic bottles before going into the recycling bin, otherwise they’ll end up in the landfill

After my dismal first attempt, I retook the quiz and got 100% of the answers correct! Now it’s time to test your own recycling knowledge and challenge your friends to do the same.